Bargo Shopping Village

  • Type: Commercial
  • Completed: 2014
  • Size: 4000

In 2013, we were engaged to design a small shopping village in the regional town of Bargo. The site had previously been home to a row of  small brick takeaway shops and an open gravel car park. The brief asked to retain the existing structures and expand on the unused landholding to create a larger community commercial precinct which would ultimately house an IGA supermarket and various smaller commercial tenancies.

The new structures were designed using a portal frame with pre-cast tilt up concrete external wall panels. Its integration with the existing structures was pivotal and it was imperative that the existing structures match up seamlessly with the new both structurally and aesthetically. We worked closely with the steel fabricator ensuring all critical steel components fit as intended during the construction stage. Using our in house 3d modelling software,  we were able to ensure all elements of the structure were modeled correctly in the pre-construction phase giving us and the builder the security of knowing that all components of the build had been considered, therefore allowing a quick and uninterrupted construction program.