Project stages in greater detail

The building and design process is complex and multifaceted. It involves coordinating design elements, legislative criteria, external consultants, material finishes and the overall composition to derive at form and function which is both practical and sympathetic to the end user.

Our role  is to combine all these processes to ensure the required information is coherent and well presented to achieve our client’s goals. Our services are staged to give you clarity throughout the initial design, council planning and the Construction processes and one of our dedicated team members is always on hand to assist.

Stage 1 – Design Concept

At the beginning of every new project, it is important for us to clearly define your requirements. At this stage, we ask questions that matter to your particular situation, lifestyle and budget. Items covered at this stage include; pricing for external specialist consultants, site visit and measure up of existing dwelling (if applicable), initial inquiries regarding regulatory requirements and preliminary design diagrams to adequately explain the design.

Stage 2 – Development Approval

Once you are satisfied with the design outcome from the Design Concept (Stage 1), we will begin preparing the relevant documents for the council Development Approval. Items covered at this stage include; coordination and meetings with required external specialist consultants, further preparation of plans, diagrams, analyses, studies and reports relevant to the Council application submission.

Stage 3 – Construction Certificate

After approval has been granted by council (Known as DA), a “construction certificate” is required before building work can legally commence onsite. At this point, the approved plans must be refined to meet any specific conditions set out in the DA as well as refinement against any relevant Australian standards prior to commencing the building work. Items covered at this stage include; review and verification of the development approval conditions, coordinate external specialist consultants necessary to obtain a Construction certificate, preparation of building specifications in accordance with the drawings and council requirements, refinement of plans in preparation for submission to the relevant approval authority on the clients behalf.

Stage 4 – Tender Documentation / Contractor Selection

After a construction certificate has been issued, it is vital that there are sufficient details in place for a building contractor to price the building work accurately. In order to do this, comprehensive details of all the items and finishes for the building should be documented and adequately presented. During this stage we will work with you to pick all the fixtures, fittings and colours and nominate them to the building contractor. Depending on the initial brief and the work which has been agreed scope of works, we will also begin to add the finer detail to the plans and commence documenting your kitchen, wardrobes, bathrooms, electrical fittings, air conditioning requirements and any custom project specific construction details relevant to your project.

Stage 5 – Contract Administration

Building work contracts are difficult to navigate and could end up costing tens of thousands of dollars more than you expected if not dealt with in the correct manner (Many times ending badly when stage 4 is not properly undertaken). We offer the option to take care of the building contract negotiations with you. Items covered at this stage include; advise and recommendations on choosing the correct building contractor, negotiating building contracts on the clients behalf making sure all documented items are included, dealing with the building contractor throughout the building phase, regular on site visits during construction.