Narellan Childcare Centre

  • Type: Childcare
  • Completed: 2018
  • Size: 88 Children

Narellan is situated 60km southwest of the Sydney CBD and is a small township with an established residential and commercial hub.

This 88 place childcare centre was the result of very well considered development foresight and vision. The site comprises of 3 former residential lots being 2 inline and the third to the street behind. The resulting amalgamated “L” block pattern and the topography of of the site posed a unique challenge in creating functional spaces for both visitors and children. After some deliberation, it was decided that it was most economical to have the shape of the center follow the shape of the amalgamated block.

All internal play spaces have are designed to have direct access to the adjacent outdoor play areas giving a strong sense of connection between the two. This  interaction of spaces is proven to stimulate children’s cognitive learning  abilities and their understanding of the social norm. At the core of this Centre, as is with all our designs, is the goal to create spaces and environments where Children have access to healthy, safe learning and socialising outcomes and providing children with the tools to explore their surroundings and grow with their peers.