Chermside Apartments

  • Type: Multi-Residential
  • Completed: 2018
  • Size: 1500m²

Located in the growing Queensland suburb of Chermside, this multi residential project is designed to create functional and private spaces in an area which is quickly being developed with similar sized apartment blocks.

A key challenge was to ensure privacy was kept for the inhabitants which face the adjacent neighbouring lots. Development patterns on the street meant that most of the surrounding buildings shared similar siting patterns therefore privacy was high on the design brief.

The privacy issue is resolved by the use of large fixed louvres which span across the outside of several levels of the building and angled away from the neighbouring lots allowing occupants to enjoy their balconies in complete privacy. The louvres also act as a weather barrier / shading device and add a high level of added aesthetics to the structure. This was complimented by well placed high bay windows in living areas facing the adjacent lots.

The end result is a simple and elegant structure with proud aesthetic appeal.